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Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has refused to sign on to the federal government’s school funding reform unless they increase their share of funding to 25%. Kelly Barnes/AAP

What the Victorian government’s decision not to sign on to the Gonski reforms means for schools in the new year

Victorian schools could potentially be without federal funding after 31 December if the state government refuses to sign up to the Gonski 2.0 funding reforms.
Joy Rowley’s 2011 murder has raised the question of whether a stand-alone offence of non-fatal strangulation would prevent the escalation of family violence. Supplied: Domestic Violence Victoria

Victorian government should be wary of introducing a stand-alone offence of non-fatal strangulation

A stand-alone offence of non-fatal strangulation would be difficult to prove and detract from the ways in which family violence victims are being failed in other policy areas.
Other states and territories could follow suit and similarly reinvest in their TAFE systems through a comparable policy initiative. Julian Smith/AAP

Free TAFE in Victoria: who benefits and why other states should consider it

30 skill priority areas will be free from the beginning of 2019 in Victoria. Students will feel the most benefit, while private providers say the policy is not equitable.
Assisted dying legislation is likely to be introduced in Victorian Parliament within a month, and be based on a report launched today by Brian Owler and Jill Hennessy. JOE CASTRO/AAP

Victoria may soon have assisted dying laws for terminally ill patients

Public opinion, shifting views in the health profession and international trends allowing assisted dying mean it will be lawful in Australia at some point. But will it be lawful in Victoria soon?
A national regulator is proposed to oversee cultivation of cannabis for medicinal purposes in Australia. Dank Depot/Flickr

From farm to pharmacy: regulating medicinal cannabis in Australia

The Commonwealth plans to legalise local production of cannabis for medical and research purposes; as do Victoria and NSW. But what laws need to change for all of this to work?
Despite firefighters’ efforts, the Hazelwood mine fire showered the nearby town of Morwell with pollution. AAP Image/Country Fire Authority

Dirty air, dodgy politics: why it’s easier to attack science than listen to Morwell fire death stats

I’m quite nervous about writing this. I’m going to stray from my familiar academic world into a political one, and it’s on an issue that may very well have killed several people. My reputation has already…
Will new Victorian land clearing rules clear up confusion, or just create more?

Hidden flaws in Victoria’s new native vegetation clearing rules

The Victorian government is overhauling its rules on native vegetation clearing, the first major change in this area for more than a decade. Vegetation management policy rarely makes it into the news…
Broadcaster Derryn Hinch has been found guilty of breaching court suppression orders in the past. Does justice need to be seen in order to be truly done? AAP/Julian Smith

Seen to be done: opening access to justice in Victoria

The Victorian state parliament is currently considering the Open Courts Bill (2013) after questions have been raised about just how much transparency is needed in the justice system. The bill, proposed…
A change in Premier should be Victoria’s chance to re-embrace wind power. Instinia/Flickr

Napthine should revisit Victoria’s wind farm planning laws

Earlier this month, Victorians woke to the news that they had a new premier: Dennis Napthine, member for the South-West Coast District, would take over from Ted Baillieu to lead the state. As climate change…
The announcement this week of funding for Victorian TAFEs won’t make up for previous cuts. AAP Image/Julian Smith

Napthine falls short: TAFE needs more than a bandaid

There might be a new premier in Victoria, but it seems there’s still no good news for TAFEs. The $200 million in structural adjustment funding announced this week is certainly welcome, but it is simply…
External economic pressures, including a high Australian dollar, will pose challenges for the Napthine government. AAP

Flat economy will continue to challenge the Victorian government

The last two years for Victorians and the Baillieu government have been challenging, with a flat economy and tight budget constraints. The next few years for the Napthine government are likely to involve…
Former Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu’s resignation could trigger a constitutional crisis for the state government. Julian Smith/AAP

Baillieu: Victorian uncertainty may lead to constitutional confusion

The dramatic resignation of Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu may have surprised many but cannot be considered altogether unexpected. A year that began poorly for the now ex-Premier yesterday completely overwhelmed…
Israeli chocolatier Max Brenner in Sydney in 2009. A Victorian court has ruled people do have a right to protest his support for the Israel armed forces. AAP Image/Tracey Nearmy

Is the Max Brenner protestors’ court victory an Australian legal watershed?

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel is controversial on at least two levels. First, it targets businesses, which some (including the Victorian Government) see as an illegitimate…
ALP candidate Jennifer Kanis (pictured) has won a narrow victory over favoured Greens candidate Cathy Oke. AAP/David Crosling

ALP claims victory in Melbourne, is it time to make nice with the Greens?

The outcome of the Melbourne by-election, in which Labor has claimed a narrow victory, reflected a disappointing performance from the Greens. At the 2010 state election Labor’s victory was dependent on…

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