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The 798 Factory in Beijing has been developed into the 798 Art Zone. dominiqueb

Industrial sites of old can be the cities of the future

The buildings from our recent industrial past can offer some exciting new places for the future, with a heritage character and sense of place. With some creative thinking and ambition, these sites can…
Centenary Pool, Spring Hill, architect: James Birrell. James Birrell private collection

Queensland’s hot modernist architecture shows bold city vision

When most people think of Brisbane architecture, they usually picture a Queenslander: high-set, timber-and-corrugated iron houses that are ideally suited to subtropical conditions. Modernism fits into…
Do architectural competitions lead to unrealistic design directions? AAP/ Paul Miller

Architecture competitions are risky … but we can build on that

There’s a perverse irony in the apocryphal tale of the design competition for the Sydney Opera House in 1956. The story goes that, after the selection of the group of finalist designs for the competition…
New homes go up at a housing estate at Cecil Hills in western Sydney. AAP/Dean Lewins

Why energy-saving homes often use more energy

Energy efficient houses are often thought to be a promising way to reduce our environmental footprint by using less energy and producing fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Yet, surprisingly, if you consider…

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