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Call centre workers in India. ILO in Asia and the Pacific

Offshore call centre work is breeding a new colonialism

The outsourcing of call-centre work to developing countries by Western companies has become a huge business. For many, it represents a positive force of globalisation, bringing not only cost benefits to…
David Cameron visits Commonwealth soldiers’ graves in Tourgeville Military Cemetery, France. Stefan Rousseau/PA

Britain’s imperial armies come to the rescue of its modern forces

Speaking as part of a commemorative celebration of the importance of the Commonwealth in WW1, David Cameron had this to say about the participation of colonial troops from all over the empire: They fought…
Onwards and upwards: Rhodes-Scholar elect Angie Darby at an Olympic qualification event in Japan 2007.

Eco-friendly student sees Rhodes’ aspirations in scholarship

A Melbourne University architecture graduate interested in sustainable development and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels…

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