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Still could go one way or another. Harsh Vardhan

Expert warns caution over possibility of Alzheimer’s pill

It has been described as a historical “turning point” in Alzheimer’s treatment - the first time a chemical has been found that can halt the death of brain tissue in a neurodegenerative disease, and could…
Many of the colours in medieval stained glass are produced by nanoparticles. Quinn Anya

Nanotechnology in medicine isn’t just about size

While scientists develop new drugs to treat a multitude of conditions, nanotechnology is pushing the boundaries of how we deliver them to patients - targeting delivery to cancer cells and giving a drug…
Feeling fruity: the amoeba Dictyostelium discoideum forms ‘fruiting bodies’ Robin Williams

Want a new epilepsy drug? Bring on the amoebas

Many therapeutic drugs and toxins affect us without us knowing exactly how. We know, for example, that Epilim, or sodium valproate, one of the most highly prescribed medicines for epilepsy can prevent…
The researcher had tampered with data from pre-clinical trials of an anti-cancer drug. Esther/Flickr

UK researcher sentenced to three months’ jail for faking data

A British scientist convicted of scientific fraud last month for falsifying research data has been sentenced to three months…
There are no magic bullets in the antibiotic pipeline that will eradicate the superbugs. Alessandro Pinna

New antibiotics: what’s in the pipeline?

Bacteria are one of the most successful colonisers of the planet. They can be found in almost all environments we know – from the deepest oceans to acid lakes, and inside and on our bodies. And the history…
The days when there was always a new antibiotic just around the corner to treat the latest superbug are long gone. Ralph Keating

Unblocking the pipeline for new antibiotics against superbugs

Most experts considering the subject agree that the antibiotic development pipeline is not sufficient by a long shot. The days when there was always a new antibiotic just around the corner to treat the…

Step forward for malaria treatment

A new drug compound has successfully cured malaria in mice models, according to University of Cape Town (UCT) researchers…
Pharmaceutical companies are working in partnership with academia to bring drug candidates to clinical development. Spark/Flickr

New drug buddies: pharma turns to academia for medicines pipeline

The 2008 global financial crisis and an impending “patent cliff” have had a profound impact on the profitability of the pharmaceutical industry – they have made it change how it works. So, to maintain…

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