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Never again: Holocaust survivor Ben Helfgott. Anthony Devlin/PA

Honour Holocaust victims by acknowledging rise of race hate

We rarely ask ourselves why we should remember the Holocaust. We simply assume that we should. However, if we only go through the motions uttering phrases such as “we remember” and “never again”, remembering…
Who owns the 1,400 ‘degenerate’ works found in the Munich flat of Cornelius Gurlitt? Marc Mueller/EPA

Art seized by the Nazis should go to Holocaust victims’ families

The large collection of paintings and drawings found in the Munich flat of the 80-year-old recluse, Cornelius Gurlitt, which came to wide public attention earlier this month, raises serious moral and legal…
Anti-Semitic attacks have risen 30% worldwide over the past year, and we’ve seen incidents double in Australia. AAP/David Crosling

Global anti-Semitism: making sure ‘Never Again’ is not a hollow slogan

A recent report shows that anti-Semitic attacks worldwide were up by 30% last year, and that the number of anti-Semitic incidents in Australia in that time almost doubled. The report - released by the…
Is the suffering of the Holocaust ever fair game for comedians? EPA/Jacek Bednarczy

Too soon? The case for Holocaust humour

“Too soon” is a phrase that gets bandied about in response to jokes about tragedy or misfortune. The implication is that a certain amount of time needs to pass before we can poke fun at loss or grief…
International Holocaust day is an important day to remember all atrocities in human history. EPA/Jacek Bednarczyk

Remembrance is the most powerful weapon against genocide

It’s hard to imagine that a whole race of people can be forgotten. But if no one chooses to remember them, genocide can mean just that, leaving a large hole in our history and dooming future minorities…

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