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The Scottish independence referendum shows it is possible for a nation to debate fundamental questions of national identity in an intelligent, informed and inclusive way. EPA/Graham Stuart

An independent country? Scotland and direct democracy

History resonates in Edinburgh. The 2014 International Festival opened last weekend with the James cycle of plays by Rona Munro. It is a study of the first three Stewart kings named James, and a timely…
The First World War has different resonance and meaning across the Commonwealth nations, which should be reflected in the UK and Scottish government’s commemoration plans. EPA/Andy Rain

UK WWI commemorations should embrace Commonwealth experience

Scottish first minister Alex Salmond’s speech at the recent UK and Commonwealth First World War centenary commemoration subtly emphasised its politicised nature. At no point did he use the term “British…
The claws were out for Salmond and Darling’s first live televised debate. Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

Scotland Decides ’14: Darling draws first blood by homing in on Salmond weak spot

The leaders of the rival campaigns in Scotland’s independence referendum battle have clashed in the first televised debate ahead of the September 18 poll. So, who came out on top? David McCausland, Head…
The 2014 Commonwealth Games celebrates the old British Empire, yet the host country is considering independence. Gareth Fuller/PA Wire/Press Association Images

A Scottish spectacle of sport and politics: the view from Australia

Sport mega events such as the Commonwealth Games are routinely described as global spectacles, but they always focus intensively on one part of the globe for a short period. For the hosts, this is the…
England has come a long way since devolution. EPA

A no vote may see Scots tied to a less patient England

It may only be Scotland that is heading to the polls on September 18, but it is not the only interested party in the results of the independence referendum. England would obviously play a dominant role…
The poll tax was a key milestone on the road to the Scottish referendum. Stephen Fyfe

Scotland Decides ’14: what does Alex Salmond owe the Poll Tax?

This week saw the 25th anniversary of one of the key events in recent Scottish political history. On 1 April 1989, Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative government introduced a new tax in Scotland to replace…
The final countdown. Scottish Government

Scotland Decides ’14: The Conversation expert panel

Britain’s most significant political event of 2014 takes place on September 18, when the people of Scotland will vote on whether it should become an independent country. It is a referendum with massive…
Will this be how the Record celebrates a Scottish No vote? Lis Ferla

Which way will Scotland’s tabloids go on independence?

Few things are most closely scrutinised by media watchers than The Sun’s headlines at election time. “Will the last person in Britain please turn out the lights” is often seen as crucial to the outcome…
Barroso is doing no favours for the Yes campaign. Virginia Mayo/AP/PA

Kosovo’s EU struggle is no precedent for Scotland

President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso’s comments on Scottish EU membership during his recent interview with Andrew Marr were discredited as an example of the fear-mongering pervading…

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