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Warming temperatures will make it hard for many Winter Olympics host cities - including Sochi - to hold the Games again. Flickr/Samsung Tomorrow

So long Sochi: cities set to be too hot to host Winter Olympics

Only six of the previous 19 Winter Olympics host cities would be suitable to host the Games again by the end of this century…
Cane Toads have wreaked havoc in Australia. Could we predict the next invasive species? Flickr/Brian Gratwicke

Darwin’s invasive species theory challenged

New research on invasive species has cast doubt on the prevailing theory developed by Charles Darwin, giving us a new way…
Leopardus tigrinus can be found in Eastern Amazonia or the dry semi-arid Caatinga. Project Wild Cats of Brazil

One becomes two: genes show Brazilian wild cat is two species

A new species of wild cat in central and north-eastern Brazil has been confirmed, according to a study published today in…
How much influence do aerosols such as this smog have on climate? Flickr/freddie boy

Climate change and aerosols: new research

New research published today in Nature gives us a better idea of how much aerosols produced by people are influencing climate…
The new paper shows that surface incident solar radiation (Rs) over land globally peaked in the 1930s, substantially decreased from the 1940s to the 1970s, and changed little after that. Jong Soo(Peter) Lee

Study offers clues on 20th century global warming wobbles

The amount of solar radiation passing through Earth’s atmosphere and reaching the ground globally peaked in the 1930s, substantially…