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Latent fingermarks dusted with micronised Egyptian blue on a $20 note, viewed in the Near Infrared. Simon Lewis

Ancient Egyptian pigment provides modern forensics with new coat of paint

The ancient Egyptians knew a thing or two about how to produce a vibrant blue pigment for their tombs and coffins. Now it's being used to help find fingerprints.
Popular in the 18th century were events at which mummies were dissected by doctors and passed around the audience to be touched, smelt and tasted. Mummymania installation view. Jodie Hutchinson

Mummies have had a bad wrap – it’s time for a reassessment

Egyptian mummies have fascinated Europeans since the 5th century, but a new exhibition considers the more recent role they have played in medicine, art and popular culture – and the ethics of their display in museums.
There was much more to mummification than material. Flood G./Flickr

Gummy mummies: Egyptians used a millennia-old embalming recipe

For the first time, scientific evidence has shown that prehistoric Egyptians experimented with techniques to preserve bodies around 4000BC, some 1,500 years before artificial mummification was believed…
It’s not easy undertaking archaeological work in Egypt currently – but a major new find illuminates a torrid period in Egyptian history. Neil and Kathy Carey

What the new pharaoh tells us about ancient Egypt

Last month’s discovery in South Abydos, in Egypt – of the remains of the pharaoh, Senekbay, which date to the Second Intermediate Period (c. 1750-1550 BC) – sheds new light on a complex and divided period…

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