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The public service union has welcomed the new Public Service Commissioner Peter Woolcott as “a much needed change” from his controversial predecessor. Control Arms/flickr

Turnbull’s chief of staff to be new Public Service Commissioner

Woolcott is a public servant with a career in diplomacy. While in the Turnbull office he has been on leave from his position as a deputy secretary in the Department of Foreign Affairs.
The public sector of the future will need to embrace a new way of thinking. Image sourced from

Leaner public service will have to work smarter

In the wake of the proclaimed “budget emergency”, should we get ready for the “innovation emergency”? With fewer resources, Australia’s public sector will not achieve its performance targets by working…
The Commission of Audit, led by Tony Shepherd, has recommended radical changes to the way we do government in Australia. AAP/Lukas Coch

We need a leaner, meaner public service: Commission of Audit

The Commission of Audit’s report, released yesterday, sets out a radical blueprint for the role of government, the scope of its activities and how it goes about getting things done. For the most part there…
Is Australia’s public sector delivering the right levels of ‘bang’ in return for our ‘bucks’? AAP/Tracey Nearmy

How efficient is Australia’s public sector? Short answer: very

How efficient is Australia’s public sector? This question is difficult to answer with precision, but important to all of us. After all, this is our money being spent on us and the things we care about…
In one of his first acts in office, prime minister Tony Abbott axed three department heads, while treasury secretary Martin Parkinson (pictured) will depart next year. AAP/Saeed Khan

Abbott and the public service: where now on department heads?

Prime minister Tony Abbott’s decision to sack three departmental secretaries within hours of his swearing-in earlier this week has not attracted the same shock John Howard’s decision to sack six secretaries…
The Coalition government’s attitude towards the public service is unclear beyond its promise to cut 12,000 jobs. AAP Image/Alan Porritt

Transition to government: what now for the public service?

Commonwealth public servants will have arrived at their offices this morning feeling a mix of relief and trepidation. Relief because the disorder and uncertainty of serving a divided and besieged minority…
Does Labor’s most recent attack ad pass the truth test? Labor Party

FactCheck: Labor’s ‘If Abbott wins, you lose’ attack ad

Election FactCheck is checking key claims in political advertisements. Here we look at the “If Tony Abbott Wins, You Lose” ad from Labor. Families will lose the Schoolkids Bonus The Coalition has made…

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