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In his first visit to Australia as prime minister, Narendra Modi emphasised the opportunities in improving ties with India. AAP/Lukas Coch

Shared values, common interests: Modi’s mantra in Australia

For the roughly 450,000 people of Indian origin in Australia, the highlight of Narendra Modi’s first visit as Prime Minister of India to Australia was his address at an Indian community reception in Sydney…
India has struggled with policies intended to improve relations with its Asian neighbours. Will new prime minister Narendra Modi do any better? AAP

India’s struggle to define its ‘Look East’ policy looks set to continue

India’s new prime minister Narendra Modi has signalled a commitment to continue his nation’s “Look East” foreign policy in a world of growing Asian influence. However, Modi may find it difficult to define…
With Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi ahead in the polls, what does this mean for India’s neighbours, including Australia? EPA

India will shape the Asian Century, but sees few votes in foreign policy

Voting in the world’s largest democracy is under way. Indians, an electorate of over 800 million, are casting ballots for their direct representatives to the Lok Sabha (lower house), which completes its…

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