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A simpler time. Martin Lev plays Dandy Dan in Bugsy Malone with ammunition at the ready. Films Trustee Corp/David Appleby

How organised crime in the UK has evolved beyond the mafia model

Gangs of career criminals in Britain look very different to the stories told by Scorcese or Coppola. They are fluid, multi-cultural and recent research sheds new light on how they use the dirty money.
Once through the grinder, food fraud hard to track through DNA. Meat grinder by Shutterstock

Food fraud is still hard to detect – so follow the money

Food fraud is a huge problem in the UK, and much of it is as a result of organised crime. Unfortunately, as the report of the Elliott Review on the 2013 horsemeat scandal now points out, there is too little…
Evening all: Dixon of Dock Green this ain’t. Owen Humphreys/PA Wire

Fiddling with names won’t make UK ‘FBI’ more effective

The National Crime Agency (NCA) was launched this morning with the aim of being fully operational by December 2013. It is the third agency so far to be called “Britain’s FBI” following the National Criminal…
Australian motorcycle gang the Finks are expected to merge with US group the Mongols. Does this represent a new ‘corporatised’ world of organised crime? AAP/Eric Sands

Murders and acquisitions: the corporatisation of global organised crime

In the world of illegal markets and organised crime, money is the prime mover. Legal or not, if someone’s willing to buy, odds are someone else is willing to supply. In the two decades or so since the…
Organised crime is a ‘market’ for illicit goods and services just as any other market, and should be treated as such, according to a new ACC report. AAP/Paul Miller

It’s the (illegal) economy, stupid: the ACC on organised crime

We all know how organised crime works, right? Form a shadowy group (think the Japanese Yakuza, the Calabrian ‘Ndrangheta, the Sinaloa Cartel, an outlaw motorcycle gang - take your pick), preferably one…
We need to look beyond bikies for a solution to tackle organised crime in Australia. AAP/NSW Police

Targeting bikies won’t fix organised crime

Last week, the High Court upheld Queensland’s controversial criminal association laws, which had been challenged by the Gold Coast Chapter of the Finks Motor Cycle Club and Pompano Pty Ltd. The challenge…
Degrees of dirt: the state and organised crime are not separate entities as we like to believe. Flickr/PropagandaTimes

Challenge 12: Look within for transnational criminals

In part 12 of our multi-disciplinary Millennium Project series, Jacqui Baker argues that the ugly truth of organised crime is that governments and their agencies are a fundamental part of it. Global challenge…

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