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Australia has changed from primarily being a destination for permanent settlers to having an increasing number of temporary arrivals. Ben Beiske/Flickr (modified)

Speaking with: Shanthi Robertson on the changing face of migration

Shanthi Robertson on the changing face of migration.
Immigration is a contentious topic in many parts of the world, and the debate in Australia has been predictably framed around asylum seekers, the burdens on taxpayers and the protection of local jobs…
The Coalition’s has proposed to return to temporary protection visas to clear the backlog of asylum seekers awaiting processing in Australia. AAP/Steve Lillebuen

Back to the future on temporary protection visas

For me, the TPV is a prison. Our life is without hope, or purpose. The simplest thing that a person wants in his life is hope. Without hope, life is meaningless. - Iraqi temporary protection visa holder…

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