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Director James Cameron at the launch of the 3D version of Titanic. EPA/Franck Robichon

OMG Titanic was like for realz #wtf

Trending on Twitter this week has been Gen Y shock and awe that Titanic isn’t just the name of a film. Apparently someone has accidentally stumbled onto the fact that the Titanic story was a tad more than…
The Australian film Any Questions for Ben? has begged another question – what makes a film Australian? AAP Image/Marianna Massey

Strewth! How Aussie does Australian cinema need to be?

What makes an Australian film truly Australian? Do there need to be Aussie characters? Aussie actors? Aussie subject matter? Australian humour? Australians are good at obsessing about what makes them different…
The covers of two of the first editions of Tintin. AAP

Tintin, human rights and politics

An upsurge of interest in Tintin, the cartoon boy reporter who was the creation of Belgian artist Hergé (1907-1983), has accompanied the release of the Tintin movie, The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret…

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