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Once majestic low-lying rainforests, Indonesia’s peatlands now emit around 1 billion tonnes of CO2 a year. H Dragon/flickr

Indonesia sets a carbon time-bomb

One of the world’s major terrestrial carbon pools is rapidly deteriorating as large parts of Indonesia’s peatlands are deforested and converted to oil palm and paper plantations. No longer a carbon sink…
Malaysia’s tropical forests contain a rich array of plant and animal life not found elsewhere. Flickr/Tinkerpoet

Study shows only 22% of Malaysian Borneo still covered by intact forest

Nearly 80% of land in the Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak has been impacted by undocumented logging and forests clearing…
Kevin Rudd and Australia would do well to pay more attention to our northern neighbour. AAP Image

What Rudd can learn from Indonesia

If there is one thing we know from Kevin Rudd’s first period as Prime Minister it is that he was comfortable on the international stage. Although he inherited the date in his diary from Julia Gillard…
Smoke from deliberately lit forest fires is destroying the health of Southeast Asians, and looks set to be a yearly event. EPA/Amriyadi Bahar

Southeast Asian smoke warns of never-ending fires

Look at satellite images from Southeast Asia this week and you will see large areas of Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore blanketed by dense plumes of smoke. These smoke plumes have severely degraded ground-level…
Better land management and reforestation will protect the coral reefs of Madagascar from the damage caused by sedimentation. Flickr/Frontierofficial

Manage the land to protect the reefs

The world’s coral reefs are both beautiful and rich in biodiversity, supporting a number of marine species. However the negative effects of climate change and human activity have begun to take their toll…
By pulling out of deforestation activities, APP says it is responding to climate change concerns. Rainforest Action Network

Major forestry company stops Indonesian deforestation

Asia’s largest forestry, pulp and paper manufacturing company announced in Jakarta this week it has stopped all activities that lead to deforestation in Indonesia. In a rare public event, the Chairman…
Could DNA-based prevention efforts spell trouble for illegal loggers? jimmedia

DNA based methods leave illegal loggers with no place to hide

Illegal logging is a major contributor to tropical deforestation and forest degradation. Australia is currently considering legislation to prevent the importation of illegally logged wood. But if the legislation…
Land of the snow gums: Australian forests are dynamic. Flickr/SplaTT

Australia’s vast and dynamic forest cover: a bird’s-eye view

Forests spark emotional debates in Australia. Much of the rhetoric is about saving “the last of Tasmania’s wild forests” or how we must “stop logging in Australian native forests”. Australian forests…

Monkeys threatened by deforestation

Proboscis monkeys could significantly decline if deforestation in Borneo increases. The monkeys live in swamp forests, mangrove…

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