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Before the 1980s, farmers thought lack of water limited their yield. New crops and sowing methods are breaking yield barriers. Michael Middleton

Australia’s farming future: doing more with less water

Changing climate, drought and urban expansion threaten the yield of Australia’s wheat. But changes in cropping methods could address reduced water and lead to a jump in yield not seen since the late 1980s…
Salt-resistant crops will be a boon for farmers whose properties are increasingly affected by salinity. EPA/Larry W. Smith

New variety of salt-tolerant wheat could help address food shortages

A new type of wheat bred with a gene that removes sodium from water can outgrow conventional strains by up to 25% in salty…
GM is not being used to make fishbread Frankenfoods. Dave Lifson/Flickr

Top five myths about genetic modification

The Conversation asked CSIRO scientist, Richard Richards, to look at the top five myths about genetic modification (GM), and correct the public record. Myth one: GM is just haphazard, imprecise cross-breeding…

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