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Feral cats are a major driver of global biodiversity loss, contributing to 26% of bird, mammal and reptile extinctions. T Doherty

Invasive predators are eating the world’s animals to extinction – and the worst is close to home

Cats, rats, foxes and other mammal predators have been implicated in 60% of the world's animals extinctions.
Fires in 1997 in Indonesia released over a billion tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere. Indonesia’s forests burned again in 2015. AAP

The world’s carbon stores are going up in smoke with vanishing wilderness

The world has lost 10% of its wilderness areas in the past 20 years and, with it, vast stores of carbon.
Scalloped hammerhead, a species that is listed as endanged by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Mark Priest

Can buying up fishing licences save Australia’s sharks?

A recent shark licence buy-up in Australia is a great opportunity for fishers and conservation organisations to work together to maintain healthy ecosystems and fisheries.

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