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Swinburne is an innovative education institution that provides quality career-oriented education. Our strong technological base and links with industry are complemented by innovative research centres and strong international partnerships. Swinburne has programs for learners at every level, from vocational training through to PhDs, with pathway opportunities that allow students to achieve their personal best education outcome.


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Measuring the impact of research in the real world sounds a bit impossible, but Australia is going to do it anyway. Research image from www.shutterstock.com

Research meets the real world – now comes the hard part

So you’re just recovering from the last ERA (Excellence for Research Australia) assessment? Dust yourself off, Excellence in Innovation for Australia (EIA) is heading our way. This is the new paradigm…
The Trans-Pacific Partnership is being negotiated as we speak, but inventors and internet users look to lose out. Ian.Go

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: a knockout blow for innovation?

Free trade: it sounds good for innovation, doesn’t it? Well, not necessarily - and here’s why. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a free trade agreement under negotiation among various Pacific Rim…
Are we seeing an education revolution or counter-revolution? James Bowe

On academic efficiency and the 2013 federal budget

As you may have noticed, the 2013 federal budget is out and, despite his best efforts, Euromoney’s “2011 Finance Minister of the Year” Wayne Swan has missed his earlier predicted budget surplus by almost…
Federal treasurer Wayne Swan’s election year budget has to reconcile huge revenue writedowns with spending promises for schools and the disability insurance scheme. AAP Image/Lukas Coch

Federal budget 2013: expert reactions

Australian Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan has handed down his sixth budget, facing an almost impossible task: how to reconcile an enormous revenue shortfall with big spending promises, all while keeping…
Despite a promised repeal of the carbon tax, the Coalition’s Direct Action Plan may miss the opportunity to drive energy innovation. AAP Image

Climate action under an Abbott government

It looks likely that the next Federal Government will be a Tony Abbott-led Coalition Government. Mr Abbott promises, if elected, to repeal the carbon tax. Labor may block that repeal, but if they do Tony…
Having trouble remembering all your passwords? Don’t expect respite any time soon. Jonno Witts

Passwords: how to choose one and why we need them

I just did a count of the systems I use that require a password and gave up at 40. I know I’m not alone; for many of us, it often seems we have too many passwords to manage. They are, however, required…
As the drugs scandal continues to plague Essendon, its ‘hardcore’ fans have stood by the club and embattled coach James Hird. AAP/David Crosling

Drugs in sport saga: do the fans really care?

When the drugs in Australian sport investigation was announced in early February, much was made of the importance of protecting fans from the actions of wrongdoers. But here we are, three months into this…
Google might soon seal a deal with the European Commission regarding alleged abuses. Jessica M. Cross

Google proposes to the European Commission, but hold the confetti

It’s taken nearly three years, but the European Commission and Google last week reached some form of agreement regarding alleged abuses of the search engine’s dominant position in the European Union. Google’s…
It’s not easy being green (though it is easy to talk about it). Anthony Agius

Green hypocrites? Behaviour change in a consumerist society

Many Australians are happy to declare their interest in sustainability, to reducing their environmental impact. But how many of them are prepared to reduce the amount they actually consume? We recently…
Venezuela’s oil reserves, inflation rate, and the handling of its currency are shaping up to be central issues in the lead-up to the election, which will be held on Sunday. AAP

Amid the spoils of oil, challenges await post-Chavez Venezuela

Elections in most Latin American countries are extremely polarised and emotionally charged events. They are highly contested and controversial affairs, characterised by massive political rallies, clever…
The blanket term “hack” can encompass a whole range of attacks – but what are they? Anant N S

Explainer: what is hacking?

Last week, we woke to news that the largest cyber attack ever was underway in Europe, with reports of global internet speeds falling as a result of an assault on the anti-spamming company Spamhaus. In…
Single mothers on welfare need support for further education, not a cut to government payments. Single mother image from www.shutterstock.com

Single mothers need education, not welfare cuts

Unpopular Government cuts, introduced last year that have pushed more than 100,000 sole parents onto lower support payments, has left many families reeling with single mothers experiencing particular disadvantage…
Brunswick households have largely welcomed the NBN, but more needs to be done to address retail pricing structures for high-speed broadband plans. AAP

Despite bumps in the rollout, households show strong support for the NBN

The NBN is emerging as one of the key issues in the lead-up to this year’s federal election. But the project has been fraught with challenges: planning issues and a shortage of skilled labour have delayed…
The RBA has been the subject of hacking attacks – but that is not unusual. AAP/Sergio Dionisio

The RBA state-sponsored hack attack (or phishing for a story)

You’ll have seen the fallout this week regarding a so-called “spearphishing” attack on the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) in 2011. As with most media reports on cyber-attacks, this one appears to have…
Former Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu’s resignation could trigger a constitutional crisis for the state government. Julian Smith/AAP

Baillieu: Victorian uncertainty may lead to constitutional confusion

The dramatic resignation of Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu may have surprised many but cannot be considered altogether unexpected. A year that began poorly for the now ex-Premier yesterday completely overwhelmed…
Basic tenets of internet security are being ignored by some users and website developers. dustball

The ABC’s website has been hacked … but how?

Yesterday the ABC was attacked, supposedly in response to the network giving coverage to an Australian visit by the controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders. A Twitter user, “Phr0zenMyst”, claimed…
Highly publicised private benefactors are redefining philanthropy in Australia, so now is the time for a discussion on how this wealth can best be harnessed.

Philanthropy in Australia: it’s what you do with it that counts

The recent commitment by Fortescue Metals chief Andrew Forrest to contribute half of his private wealth to philanthropic causes, coming on top of investor Graham Tuckwell’s $50 million donation for equity…
Companies want you in their “ecosystem” – make no mistake – so should governments offer more protection? TF28 ❘ tfaltings.de

Smash the machine: digital monopolies have trapped you

The business model of many modern technology companies is to lure people into digital monopolies (or what are sometimes called “ecosystems”) from whence ridiculous profits can be gouged. You see, the internet…

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