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University of Hamburg

The University of Hamburg is a comprehensive university in Hamburg, Germany. It was founded on 28 March 1919, having grown out of the previous General lecture system and the Colonial Institute of Hamburg as well as the Akademic Gymnasium.


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Klimaks dari simianisasi yang populer adalah film klasik yang sangat sukses dari pabrik horor Hollywood, King Kong. Shutterstock

Membandingkan orang kulit hitam dengan monyet berangkat dari sejarah simian yang panjang dan kelam

Animalisasi tetap merupakan bentuk dehumanisasi yang jahat dan efektif. Simianisasi adalah versi dari strategi ini, yang secara historis merupakan kombinasi mematikan dari seksisme dan rasisme.
Allies? Or client and patron: Belarus president, Alexandr Lukashenko, and Russian president, Vladimir Putin, after Kremlin talks in February 2022. EPA-EFE/Sergey Guneev/Sputnik/Kremlin pool

Ukraine: the complex calculations that will decide whether Belarus enters the conflict on Russia’s side

Belarus president Alexandr Lukashenko has a difficult decision to make if he wants to help his ally Vladimir Putin in Ukraine.
Acquis dans des conditions pour le moins discutables, les bronzes du Bénin sont dispersés dans de nombreux musées européens. Son of Groucho/Flickr

Restitution des « bronzes du Bénin » par l’Allemagne : pourquoi c’est loin d’être suffisant

Alors que certains musées allemands restituent une partie des bronzes du Bénin, la majorité se trouve toujours dans des musées occidentaux, malgré des demandes de rendu de plus en plus insistantes.
Marine parks are good for fish - especially if they’re in the right areas. Epstock/Shutterstock

More fish, more fishing: why strategic marine park placement is a win-win

With strategic planning, the marine protected area network could be a third smaller, cost half as much, and still meet the international target of protecting 10% of every ecosystem.
The climax of popular simianisation was the hugely successful classic of Hollywood’s horror factory, King Kong. Shutterstock

Comparing black people to monkeys has a long, dark simian history

Animalisation remains a malicious and effective form of dehumanisation. Simianisation is a version of this strategy, which historically manifested a lethal combination of sexism and racism.


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