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Salford is an ambitious university at the heart of a fast-developing community. Its expertise is helping to transform individuals and communities through teaching, research, innovation and engagement. Salford is at the forefront of this transformation, leading the way in areas such as health, energy, media and the built environment. 20,000 students contribute enormously to the local economy and the courses they study on are designed with employment in mind, helping them and the economy obtain real-world skills.


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The accuracy of gene editing will be the deciding factor in the success of current technology. Genes by Shutterstock

Explainer: what has been holding gene therapy back?

A toddler from London has had gene therapy for leukaemia and it seems to have worked. But why have breakthroughs taken so long?
Une harde de sangliers traverse un ancien village irradié. Valeriy Yurko

Les animaux sont de retour à Tchernobyl

Sangliers, cerfs, loups et élans on été repérés en grand nombre dans la « zone d’exclusion », ces quelques 4750 km² qui environnent l'ancien site de la centrale nucléaire.

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