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Australian Jarryd Hayne (right) is attracting much attention as he plays for the San Francisco 49ers against Dallas Cowboys in pre-season NFL game. EPA/John G Mabanglo

The secret behind Jarryd Hayne’s success on the US footy field

Jarryd Hayne is wowing crowds and commentators with his play on the American football field in the US. His years in Australian rugby league may have a lot to do with his star performance.
Older people are more likely to drop out of the workforce for good when they’re sick than young people. Bacho/Shutterstock

Balancing the health budget: chronic disease investment pays big dividends

Economic modelling shows that policies to reduce chronic diseases can have large economic benefits –A$4.5 billion a year for diabetes alone – by reducing health costs and boosting the workforce.
How lapses of leadership integrity are viewed depends on how popular or valuable the “culprit” is to a business, investors, brand, society or power groups. AAP/Joe Castro

James Hird and the elusive truth about leadership integrity

Moral dilemmas are common; whether we act with courage or compliance depends on a whole range of factors in any given situation.
2015 Tour de France leader Chris Froome and other race contenders. AFP

Tour de France race etiquette seems silly in the context of doping

I have always found it funny how some of the Tour de France riders get so annoyed when someone transgresses on race etiquette around seemingly minor issues. The latest example of this grumbling was from…
Chris Froome wearing the yellow jersey on the cobblestones of Quievy, northern France, during stage 4 of the 102nd Tour de France. Newzulu/AAP

Chris Froome, the Tour de France, and cycling deserves better

Albert Einstein once defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Being a cycling fan and hoping for a Tour de France free of controversy is a little like…
Talansky crashes in 2014 Tour de France Getty Images

Is the Tour de France more dangerous these days?

It has already been an eventful Tour de France this year. To stage seven there have been 12 rider abandons due mostly to crashes, and many other riders are nursing significant injuries. Some commentators…
Tour de France. Graham Watson / Flickr

The Tour de France is hard to believe these days

It’s an exciting time of year if you’re a fan of professional road cycling. The global juggernaut of the Tour de France starts this Saturday July 4th, and runs for 21 stages over 3360km during the next…

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