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There’s good evidence drinking coffee before exercise can marginally improve your performance. From

Health check: can caffeine improve your exercise performance?

Many people drink coffee for that extra bit of energy to go about their day. As well as sharpening our minds, there's evidence caffeine can give us a physical boost, too.
Australia is making significant strides in early childhood education, but we need more commitment if we’re to meet the evidence. from

Both major parties are finally talking about the importance of preschool – here’s why it matters

Investing in early childhood education and care can save more money in the long run – in areas including health care – than dealing with these issues later in life.
A simpler company tax system would collect more and could fund a lower rate. Shutterstock

Here’s a long-term budget fix that would boost investment: replace company tax with cashflow tax

The budget looks good, for now. But the surge in taxable profits will subside as companies find ways to shift profits offshore. We've come up a better way to tax onshore what happens onshore.
Peneliti memeriksa Paus sperma yang terdampar tewas di pantai Pulau Kapota Wakatobi, 20 November 2018. Di perut paus sepanjang hampir 10 meter itu ditemukan sampah plastik sekitar 6 kilogram. WWF/ EPA

Perut paus sperma penuh plastik di Wakatobi: lima langkah kurangi ancaman mikroplastik di laut Indonesia

Memang tidak ada cara tunggal yang ampuh untuk menyelesaikan secara menyeluruh masalah sampah plastik ini. Karenanya, dibutuhkan peran aktif banyak pihak.
People with a mental health condition are more likely to be smokers. From

No butts – it’s time to help people with mental health conditions quit smoking

Smoking rates are high among Australians with a mental illness. Quitting is likely to improve their physical and mental health; supporting them to do so should be part of mental health care.
Yoga, meditation and breathing exercises can help students manage exam anxiety.

How to beat exam stress

The exam period can be a stressful time for students. Here are a few strategies to help students cope.

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