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The huge caldera of Mount Tambora, Indonesia – still active today. The huge caldera of Mount Tambora, Indonesia – still active today. Jialiang Gao

Largest volcanic eruption in human history changed the 19th century as much as Napoleon

Most have heard of the Battle of Waterloo, but who has heard of the volcano called Tambora? No school textbook I’ve seen mentions that only two months before Napoleon’s final defeat in Belgium on June…

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Gene stops barley leaf rust

Researchers have discovered the gene Rph20 provides resistance to leaf rust in some barley variety adult plants. Leaf rust…

Rapid staining identifies downy mildew in basil

A study conducted by both The City University of New York and Rutgers and the State University of New Jersey has developed…

Corn crops defeat acidic soil

Certain types of corn can grow in soil that would kill most plants. A genetic variation in certain strands of corn has meant…

Corn seeds show sibling connection

By studying the fertilised seeds of corn, scientists from the University of Colarado Boulder have discovered a form of plant…

Discovery into plant immunity

An important cog in the molecular machinery of plant immunity discovered by researchers could help ensure food security…