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Argument has raged outside parliament - is there anything left to say inside? AAP

What’s the point of debating the carbon tax?

It all started in February when Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced her government would seek to introduce a carbon tax. This signalled the start of a policy debate marathon that still shows no sign…
China says it has encouraged a domestic renewable energy industry and is now planning a pilot emissions trading scheme. Flickr/Land Rover Our Planet

Global climate: China eyes Australian ETS model

As the Gillard government prepares to introduce its carbon price legislation to parliament, senior environment policy advisers…
Future demand for electricity is hard to determine, but one thing’s for sure: prices will rise. freefotouk

Power prices rising, time for politicians to act

On August 31, the Australian Financial Review reported that “Power-hungry states face energy shock”. Another article on page ten read “Electricity price explosion predicted”. So, what is going on? Should…
Taking on climate change can put us on the path to a green industrial revolution. Matt de Neef

Treading the economic path to green growth

Despite the poor outlook for the Earth’s climate, putting in place acceptable solutions is proving difficult. Mired in economic uncertainty, some countries are scaling back climate change efforts. But…
Planting the idea: Opposition Leader Tony Abbott opposes a carbon tax. AAP Image/Julian Smith

Australia should delay a carbon tax until the rest of the world acts

The big question about the carbon tax is not whether it’s a good or a bad idea in theory. The major issue is whether it makes sense for Australia to implement it at a time of great uncertainty, both in…
Under the carbon tax, Australia will be doing some of its emissions reductions overseas.

Trading emissions cuts: easy way out or sensible investment?

Australia is set to use international emissions trading to meet part of an emissions reduction target. Is this sensible and necessary? And how can we achieve investment in real reductions, rather than…
Cate Blanchett is among the celebrities pressed into service to persuade us on political issues. AAP/WWF

Selling the political message: what makes a good advert?

MEDIA & DEMOCRACY: This afternoon, Andrew Hughes examines which recent political adverts have been a success, as part of The Conversation’s week-long series on how the media influences the way our…
Facing up to our carbon responsibilities might make Australians happier. the waving cat/Flickr

A carbon tax is good for Australia’s mental health

Let’s face it; we just don’t like the word “tax”, do we? Such a brouhaha, such a fuss. But let’s just take a break from the group hysteria to look at the carbon tax from a few different points of view…
Complementary measures in the tax package make it easier for businesses to reduce emissions. Theophilos/Flickr

Carbon tax package could let Australia cut emissions by 25% by 2020

With all the focus on the carbon tax, it is not surprising many people are unaware that the government’s carbon pricing package incorporated a suite of other measures to reduce emissions. ClimateWorks…
Hazlewood coal-fired power station would be uneconomic under a carbon tax. AAP

A recipe for making the carbon tax a success

The carbon tax is the latest attempt by an Australian government to legislate in order to avert disaster, this time to the climate. Whether the tax will become law sits on a knife edge, and the stakes…
Interventionist or free market - just where do our economists sit? Flickr/Daquella Manera

What our economists really think about politics

A funny thing happened on the way to this year’s Australian Conference of Economists. A survey was conducted of the policy opinions of members of the Economic Society of Australia (ESA). Far from conforming…
Julia Gillard can sell the tax better if she puts it in terms of the natural wonders we are buying back. AAP

The perception paradox: understanding risk is key to selling the carbon tax

Science is strengthening its view that business-as-usual emissions of greenhouse gases will result in serious risks while the Australian public’s perception of climate change as a risk erodes. A recent…

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