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What might have been? John Smith, Margaret Beckett and Tony Blair. John Giles/PA Archive

20 years on: what if Tony Blair had never led the Labour Party?

It is 20 years since Tony Blair took over as leader of the Labour Party. There has been much comment about his legacy, a great deal of it uncomplimentary. But it could have been so different… It’s the…
Farage: not loony enough to take on 17,000 Conservative majority. Lynne Cameron/PA Wire

Tory victory as Newark proves largely immune to Ukip fever

The result from the most eagerly awaited by-election of this parliament was something of an anti-climax. While parts of the leafy Nottinghamshire seat succumbed to the Ukip fever gripping the nation…
It’s all downhill from here. Bertranfenne

Both Labour and the Tories are pursuing a cynical 15% strategy

The “35% strategy” – the idea that a party could win the 2015 general election on 35% of the vote – entered political discourse last year, generally as a Conservative taunt directed at Labour. The 35…
And they’re off! Miliband launches his campaign at Barkingside leisure centre. PA

Labour launches EU campaign with a formula to beat UKIP

Labour Party leader Ed Miliband, has responded to the electoral threat of UKIP with proposals to regulate the private rental market. By targeting the forgotten generation rent – estimated to include around…
British Labour Party leader Ed Miliband has embarked on sweeping internal reform of his party. Should his Australian counterpart Bill Shorten follow suit? EPA/Andy Rain

Whither the unions? What Shorten can learn from UK Labour

In the wake of the ALP’s poor result in the recent Western Australia Senate election, The Conversation is publishing a series of articles looking at the party’s brand, organisation and future prospects…
New Balls please. Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Ed Balls budget reply: no car crash but hardly vintage stuff

The political stock of Ed Balls has been on the rise recently. His ratings have improved in recent weeks. As part of Ed Miliband’s effort to have a more civilised discussion at Prime Minister’s Questions…
Richard Lewis/EPA

The forgotten side of Tony Benn

Most of the reactions to the death of Tony Benn have focused on the man who turned left in the 1970s, embraced union militancy and became “the most dangerous man in Britain”. That was, however, Benn Mark…
Deficit forecasts? They went that-away! PA Wire

Budget 2014: Miliband whips up an ‘Eton mess’ attack

Ed Miliband’s response to George Osborne’s Budget statement got off to a good start with a quip about the chancellor’s announcement, flagged in this morning’s press, that a new £1 coin would be introduced…
Tony Benn: his passing leaves a gaping hole in British public life. Stephen Kelly/PA Wire

Tony Benn was a true man of the people

The news that Tony Benn has died at home at the age of 88 has stimulated intense reflection and discussion about his career. But when reading the obituaries and listening to the various television and…
Tony Benn was ‘a signpost not a weathervane’. Fiona Hanson/PA

Tony Benn, conviction politician and old-Labour stalwart, dies

Tony Benn, who has died aged 88, was one of the great characters in 20th-century British politics. When he announced in 2001 he was “leaving Parliament to spend more time on politics” it was widely held…

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