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As species head for greener pastures, we need to reconsider old ideas about what belongs where. Matthew Stewart/Flickr

With rapid global change, what is a native species?

For many agencies and community groups interested in protecting biodiversity, a primary goal has been to protect native species and to control introduced alien species, such as feral animals and weeds…
Hated enemy or part of the landscape? Radio Pictures

Cane toad movie says put aside prejudice - in 3D

Every night under cover of darkness an advancing wall of toads heads west. Rather than winding through the bush, the toads march straight down the highway, ignoring the official border signs. Meanwhile…
The pancake batfish is endearingly ugly, and we may have wiped it out. Prosanta Chakrabarty (Louisiana State University, USA)

Top ten species list says more about humans than cute and creepy critters

When I told my family that the top ten list of new species had been announced, the teenager asked, “Are we on it?” Although we’re not on the list, our fingerprints are all over it. Homo sapiens remains…

Suffering seagrass!

Ten of the 72 known seagrass species are at an elevated risk of extinction and three qualify as endangered, a study has found…
Despite being more than two metres long, this lizard was only discovered last year. A. C. Diesmos (National Museum of the Philippines)

Lizards, cockroaches and batfish, oh my! See the top ten new species here

Titanic-eating bacteria, a jumping cockroach, the king of the leeches and a fish that looks like a pancake. These are just…
Sea levels are expected to rise between 0.5m and 1m by 2100, potentially at great cost to coastal infrastructure. AAP

Fix climate by 2020 or face huge costs

Governments and communities must take urgent action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions this decade or face enormous social…
Extinction rates have been overestimated but many species still on track to share the dodo’s fate. flickr

Debate rages over extinction rates paper

A paper casting doubt on a widely used method of calculating extinction rates has fuelled furious debate in scientific circles…

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