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Most gum disease is preventable through good dental hygiene. Inside and Out/Flickr

Health Check: why do my gums bleed and should I be worried?

Bleeding gums are very common but that doesn’t mean you should ignore them. They’re usually a sign of gum (periodontal) disease. If treated in its early stages, periodontal disease can be easily reversed…
The burden of pain and discomfort, disfigurement and disability from dental decay is very large in Australia. Pete Simon

Stopping fluoridation imperils Queenslanders' dental health

Mandatory water fluoridation introduced by the former Queensland government is being rolled back by some local councils, which have been given the power to decide whether to continue with the public health…
Obesity, over-diagnosis, the NDIS, vaccinations and open access for genetic information were just some of the issues covered in 2012. Kylie May;; Morberg; Pranjal Mahn

2012, the year that was: Health + Medicine

It promised to be a full year of reforms: pokies legislation, front-of-pack food labels and a dental system that doesn’t cost those in need an arm and a leg. But while we did see cigarette companies forced…
Fluoridated water protects against the tooth decay from acid produced by bacteria in the mouth. T. Faltings

How fluoride in water helps prevent tooth decay

The most effective way to prevent tooth decay is delivered to most Australian homes every day through their water pipes. It is, of course, fluoride distributed via the water supply. Dental decay occurs…
You can save an adult tooth that has been knocked out, but you need to act quickly. Fotologic

Monday’s medical myth: knocked-out teeth are history

It’s common enough for a tooth to be knocked out on the footy field, in the playground, during a fight, or even a fall. The blood, shock and pain can easily cause you to panic but, as with most things…
With limited support for public dental care, most Australians bear the open-ended costs of high-expense treatments. massdistraction

Moving beyond patchwork reform for dental health

The Commonwealth’s government’s $4bn Dental Reform package, announced last week, promises to address many current inequities in access to dental care. It has been praised for its potential to reduce dental…
There’s good news in the Budget for the one in three adults who have delayed or avoided visiting a dentist in the last year because of cost. illuminaut/Flickr

What the budget means for dental care in Australia

The Federal Budget includes $515.3 million dentistry package that will go some way to easing some of the problems with dental care in Australia. Of this total, $345.9 million will be used to treat patients…
Something to chew on: why do governments spend less on dental services? illuminaut

Extracting the true cost of universal dental care

The recent decision to means test the tax subsidy on private health insurance was made on the grounds that we provide more help to those who need it most and not subsidise those who can afford to take…
Do-it-yourself teeth whiteners with high levels of peroxide can cause painful chemical burns. Jeremy Jenum

What happens when teeth whitening goes wrong?

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) recently recalled a number of do-it-yourself (DIY) teeth whiteners containing unsafe concentrations of peroxide that can cause painful chemical…
Teething doesn’t cause fever but a high temperature shouldn’t be ignored.

Monday’s medical myth: infant teething causes fevers

Any parent can tell you that infant teething makes for a trying time. Restless nights, feeding problems and irritability can all be part and parcel when an intant’s baby teeth erupt through their gums…

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Calcium can counteract fluoride damage

A study has found that an increase in calcium in diet can help widespread dental health problems caused by excessive fluoride…