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The highest IVF success rates are reported in women under 30 who have an around a 26% chance of having a baby. Philippe Put/Flickr

Your questions answered on donor conception and IVF

Thanks to IVF and donor conception, infertile couples, single women and lesbian couples now have a better chance of starting families. But while common, it's rarely openly discussed.
Lance Loud in a 1973 PBS publicity photo for An American Family. public domain

Homophobia just ain’t what it used to be

Outright homophobia has mostly moved from the mainstream of public discourse to its margins. For this, we can thank pioneers like Lance Loud of An American Family.
The silence is deafening. Luke Redmond/Flickr

The UN’s 15-year goals ignore LGBT rights yet again

Negotiations on the UN’s 15-year development strategy, which involve all 193 member states, have at last produced a set of ambitious Sustainable Development Goals. These focus on social justice, poverty…
Indiana’s religious law has raised concerns about the safety of gay students on campus. Ken Wolter /

Will religious freedom laws disrupt higher education for LGBTQ students?

Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act may have been “clarified” but there are concerns it could have a chilling effect on campus attitudes toward LGBTQ students and faculty across the state.

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