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While young women are rising through Australian media ranks, the old glass ceiling remains. Woman reporter image from

Women overtake men in the media, but not in pay or power

Women now outnumber men in the Australian media, but they are typically younger, earn less and have less powerful positions than male colleagues. A new national survey shows women now make up 55.5% of…
Bolstering services such as childcare will allow women to remain in the workforce and pursue ambitious career paths.

To reach the board, women need support to stay in the workforce

It’s accepted across the globe that women are under-represented in business leadership positions and that something should be done about it. To date, the focus has been on increasing the number of women…
Women are more likely to tackle pay talks if an employer makes it clear the salary is negotiable.

When wages negotiable, women readily make pay deals

Women are more likely negotiate pay deals if a prospective employer indicates wages are up for discussion, a new study has…
The ALP has passed a bill that will reduce the social security payments for single parents — most of whom are women. Ed Yourdon\Flickr

Prejudiced policymaking underlies Labor’s cuts to single parent payments

There’s no doubt that last week’s stoush between Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott over sexism and misogyny was extraordinary. But in spite of all the bluster, a comparison of each party’s policies might serve…
Maintaining workforce participation in older workers has some benefits, but current labour trends are “age unfriendly”. Image from

There’s no silver bullet solution to Australia’s ageing workforce

Welcome to Shades of Grey, a series from The Conversation that examines the challenges posed by Australia’s ageing workforce, Today, Monash University’s Veronica Sheen looks at the sustainability of older…
Women now compete in every sport at the Summer Olympics, and every country is sending a female athlete. EPA/Diego Azubel

A long jump forward: women at the London Olympics

This trend will continue into the 2014 Winter Olympics with women permitted for the first time to compete in ski jumping. Since their inclusion in the modern Olympics in Paris in 1900, female participation…
American Marissa Mayer, 37, held several senior roles at Google before becoming CEO at Yahoo last week in an appointment that made her the youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 company. AAP

Pervasive workplace sexism is biggest threat to success

Exposure to sexism is the greatest threat to the work performance of women, who flourish when they have opportunities to…
By lifting female participation in the workforce as much as 6%, Australia could boost its GDP by $25 billion. AAP/Sergio Dionisio

Widen GST, increase female and older workers to lift GDP

Widening the GST net and boosting workforce participation by women and older people could grow GDP by $70 billion within…

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