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Climate change and public opinion

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Average Americans don’t view science issues the same way scientists do. Man image via

Scientists and public disagree, but let’s not get too excited

A new set of surveys of scientists and the public finds the two groups have widely different views about scientific issues. Conducted by the Pew Research Center in collaboration with the American Association…
Better communication may have saved lives in Italy’s L'Aquila earthquake. TheWiz83

Is misinformation about the climate criminally negligent?

The importance of clearly communicating science to the public should not be underestimated. Accurately understanding our natural environment and sharing that information can be a matter of life or death…
GIFs can help show the effects of climate change. Patrick Kelley

How GIFs are changing the way we talk science

The use of “GIFs” has exploded in recent years. They are used for news, views and entertainment but are most commonly seen as a light-hearted medium. Now scientists are beginning to see how GIFs can be…
The majority of people accept climate science; why not our leaders? Glenys Jones

Broad consensus on climate change across American states

A recent US “survey of surveys” by Stanford University Professor Jon Krosnick has analysed public opinion on climate change in 46 of USA’s 50 states. Krosnick found to his surprise that, regardless of…
Programme makers are wary of turning off viewers with climate change. Till Krech

We’ve woken up to climate change but we’re not tuning in

A report from the International Broadcasting Trust has argued that more investment should be made to get environmental issues covered on television. Environment on TV is based on interviews with people…
A new study finds a third of Australian newspaper articles reject climate science. Flickr/pasukaru76

Big Australian media reject climate science

Australia has the most concentrated press ownership in the world. What does that mean for significant issues such as climate change? In 2011 and 2012 we at the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism…
It’s too late for this ship, but practical strategies for tackling climate change are needed fast. Staecker

Give us practical climate solutions, not more problems

Scientists have hammered home once again the message that climate change is very real and very important. Climate scientists have been saying this for decades, yet carbon emissions worldwide continue to…
Australia’s media culture gets in the way of asking politicians serious questions about climate change. AAP Image/Dean Lewins

Australian media failures promote climate policy inaction

Four months ago, the big media proprietors were fighting proposed federal government press reforms, arguing that “the press” needs freedom if it is to defend the public interest. But these arguments were…
Most people struggle to do more than the basics when it comes to climate change action. What pushes others to really take on the challenge? Province of British Columbia

Beyond light bulbs: individual responsibility and climate action

International negotiations have failed to give us strong global commitments on climate change. Nations are falling short on their commitments for greenhouse gas emission reductions. Forget top-down solutions…
Chasing Ice is trying to get us out of the climate change hole we’ve dug for ourselves. EPA/Baard Ness

Chasing Ice bewitches eyes but won’t change minds

Science seems to be failing to change the minds of those who are sceptical about the reality of anthropogenic climate change. Chasing Ice - a film by Jeff Orlowski, playing in Australia currently - tries…
We have to get used to the idea that climate change doesn’t happen in a smooth line. thinboyfatter/flickr

Time to stop hiding behind warming trends

Dr Rajendra Pachauri, head of the IPCC, has reportedly acknowledged to Graham Lloyd of The Australian, that there is a “17-year pause in global temperature rises”, a fact that apparently has been suppressed…
Everyone likes to stand out from the crowd, but sometimes ignoring the consensus goes too far. James Cridland

There is no such thing as climate change denial

In a sense, there is no such thing as climate change denial. No one denies that climate changes (in fact, the most common climate myth is the argument that past climate change is evidence that current…
More people are telling researchers they’re sceptical about climate change, but for different reasons. US Mission Canada

Climate of doubt: what Australians think about climate change

There is growing evidence that public opinion about climate change is shifting over time. In many countries, surveys reveal that people are becoming less worried, and in some cases more sceptical about…
The science on climate change hasn’t become less clear since 1990, but media coverage has. Garry Knight

How we lost 20 years on climate change action

Scientists have warned about the “greenhouse effect” for years. Now it is no longer a scientific nightmare; it has arrived. Lines from Al Gore’s famous movie? No. The Sydney Morning Herald published these…
It’s easy to find the human angle in heatwave stories, but climate change has them too. Jocelyn Durston

Media is missing climate in heatwave story

As Australia stares at “a once-in-20 or 30-year heatwave”, with temperatures over 40 degrees, it is likely that more extreme weather events similar to this are in store for us. The probability of this…
Australia’s newspapers took a very shallow view of the carbon price. Beppie K/flickr

Biased newspaper reporting on the carbon pricing mechanism

The Australian print media have been criticised for inaccurately reporting the carbon pricing mechanism (CPM), and in some instances for actively campaigning against the Gillard government. Research from…

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