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The original Lenna test image from the University of Southern California Signal and Image Processing Institute. SIPI Image Database

The Playboy centrefold at the centre of computer science

Is it appropriate that a Playboy centrefold from 1972 is still being used as a standard test image in image processing circles?
A 1893 self-portrait of the French artist Paul Gauguin (1848-1903). Wikimedia Commons

How computer science was used to reveal Gauguin’s printmaking techniques

Artist Paul Gauguin is perhaps most famous for his colorful paintings of Tahitian life. But for years, art historians puzzled over his lesser-known prints: how did he form, layer and transfer images from one medium to another?
Deep thoughts for deep problems. xcv

Alan Turing’s legacy is even bigger than we realise

Alan Turing is one of the world’s best-known mathematicians, and probably the best known in the past century. This is partly for his work on cracking German codes in World War II, and partly for his arrest…
Lessons from game developers Kuato Studios, but most kids are not so lucky. David Parry/PA Wire

Gove departs just as disaster looms for computing in schools

Back in January 2012, the now-departed education secretary Michael Gove said, “ICT in schools is a mess”. He went on to argue that what was needed was a rigorous computer science curriculum. Now, from…
After a long search, the right person was right under Microsoft’s nose. Heisenberg Media

Microsoft seeks security in the expert hands of Satya Nadella

Faced with uncertain times, Microsoft has named Satya Nadella as its new CEO. His appointment follows months of speculation over who would replace longstanding leader Steve Ballmer, who retired last year…
Not just for games. flickingerbrad

Backlash against computing curriculum misses the point

Computing is an important subject, but it is only one of many that schools have to teach, and few would argue that it is more important than English, maths, or science. But as a high-profile debate continues…
In the good old days you could spot a robber from his glossy finish. foilman

How to commit a bank robbery (or stop one) using the internet

Two recent incidents have shown that you no longer need to risk life and limb to rob a bank. In September, an attempted cyber-robbery at a London branch of Santander was stopped in its tracks and shortly…
Here’s looking at you kid. PA/Peter Byrne

Japanese supercomputer takes big byte out of the brain

Researchers in Japan have used the powerful K computer, one of the world’s fastest supercomputers, to simulate the complex neural structure of our brain. Using a popular suite of neuron simulating software…

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