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Articles on Artificial intelligence (AI)

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The damage done: the aftermath of an airstrike on the Jabalia refugee camp in Gaza, November 2023. EPA-EFE/Mohammed Saber

Gaza war: artificial intelligence is changing the speed of targeting and scale of civilian harm in unprecedented ways

AI is enabling a huge number of decisions about who to target. They are not always the right ones.
War games that incorporate AI are set to dramatically alter how nations contemplate or prepare for war. (Shutterstock)

The use of AI in war games could change military strategy

The rise of generative AI and its effect on war-gaming will fundamentally transform how senior military and political leaders plan and prepare for war.
The public needs to be consulted when developing legislation to regulate artificial intelligence. (Shutterstock)

The federal government’s proposed AI legislation misses the mark on protecting Canadians

The Canadian government’s proposed legislation to regulate artificial intelligence doesn’t address the government’s own applications. More oversight and consultations are needed to protect Canadians.

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