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Doctors are expected to be attuned to the latest developments in health care.

Man v mountain: how to overcome the evidence overload

Most doctors shudder at the sight of the growing mountain of unread medical journals gathering dust on their desks over months, if not years. They need not despair though, as there are less time-consuming…
We need to rethink how we provide health services in rural areas. Alan Levine

Health care in rural areas: the answer is not more of the same

The recent report of the Senate Inquiry into rural health services gave tantalising glimpses of how the future of rural health services should be. But its central theme is not new. The persistent and consistent…
Relying on FIFO health-care workers is expensive and can end up disempowering local providers. AIA web team

Fly-in, fly-out heath care fails remote Aboriginal communities

This is a story about two small Aboriginal communities in the Gulf region of North Queensland: Mornington Island and Doomadgee. They share two key characteristics with many other remote communities: very…
Health-care workers who discover they are infected have an ethical obligation to seek professional advice about their work practise limitations. stevendepolo

Privacy vs safety: should doctors disclose their infectious diseases?

A drug-addicted Melbourne anaesthetist has been accused of infecting 56 of his patients with hepatitis C by injecting himself with opiate-filled syringes, before using them on his patients. While his gross…
Overseas-trained doctors deserve better treatment in Australia but they’re not the solution to rural workforce shortages. syauqee

Overseas-trained doctors can’t fill rural workforce shortages forever

The recently released report from the House of Representatives’ inquiry into the registration processes and support for overseas-trained doctors highlights some major shortfalls in how Australia’s health…
We need to rethink our aged care workforce and funding for dementia patients. Alex E Proimos

Improving care for dementia patients in our ailing aged care system

Last week, Alzheimer’s Australia released a report that was highly critical of the way Australia’s aged care sector responds to the needs of dementia suffers and their families. It’s an issue that demands…
Current strategies to increase the number of Australian trained medical graduates entering rural practice are not working. Paul Hocksenar

We need new ways to get more doctors into country practice

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) is urging the government to consider the establishment of new medical schools in rural and regional areas to boost the number of doctors in the countryside. The…
Good dental health is important for overall health - so when will Australia see a national dental scheme? AAP

Healthcare reform in 2012: whose health system is it anyway?

As many of us recover from the festive binge of overeating, drinking too much and not exercising enough, spare a thought for the new health minister as she plans for 2012. An exciting agenda looms – will…
The strike in Victoria has drawn national attention to the working conditions of nurses across the country. AAP

Who’s really looking after emergency department waiting rooms?

Ongoing industrial action by Victoria’s nurses has focused public attention on acute health-care services, and provided an opportunity to examine the way those services should best be supported, funded…
All health-care providers should give patients evidence-based information – this includes chiropractors. Planetc

Modern chiropractic therapy is based on evidence – and here it is

Chiropractic has copped some criticism this week, with a group of prominent Australian doctors and scientists urging Central Queensland University to reverse its decision to offer a chiropractic degree…
Current fee-for-service payments for doctors don’t reward quality care. Flickr/larique

Should doctors be paid to keep patients healthy?

Going to the doctor is, in many ways, like visiting a car sales yard. The customer has a limited knowledge of the product and the supplier may have a financial incentive to over-service or overcharge…
An equal relationship between doctors and nurses working in general practice will mean comprehensive primary health care for patients. nursing pins/Flickr

Equal but not the same: why we need to rethink how doctors and nurses work

Doctors and nurses appear to work harmoniously together but this apparently serene state of affairs is actually hiding inequality. Instead of giving nurses the room to shine in their workplace, the traditional…
Bringing research, education and health care delivery together will improve patient care.

Explainer: why Australia needs Advanced Health Research Centres

In an attempt to bring Australia’s medical research, education and healthcare sectors into line with world leaders, the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) is planning to develop a new…
More women are opting for caesareans but what are the risks? Rowan Simpson

Not just too posh to push: elective caesareans vs vaginal births

In Australia, as in most of the developed world, about one baby in three is now delivered by caesarean section. To put things in perspective, the rate of caesarean birth has almost doubled over the past…

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