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A plague, or just an artefact? Jacob Gruythuysen

How time-poor scientists inadvertently made it seem like the world was overrun with jellyfish

How flawed citation practices can perpetuate scientific ideas even before they've been fully established as true.
Cannonball Jellyfish in the Gulf of California. Yazmin Flores for GCMP

Boom or bust in a jelly bloom market

In a changing climate, ocean populations sometimes rise and fall in unpredictable waves. Scientists, managers and fishers must make economically and ecologically sound decisions based on long-term outlooks.
Thousands of the new Pelagia benovici have been spotted. Fabrizio Marcuzzo

The beautiful new jellyfish identified in the Gulf of Venice

A bloom of new jellyfish started appearing in the Gulf of Venice last autumn. They were first detected by a fisherman from Chioggia in north-east Italy when hundreds of the beautiful yellow species filled…
An adult Irukandji jellyfish, which vary in size being from as small as your thumb to as large as your palm. Dr Jamie Seymour

Will venomous Irukandji jellyfish reach south-east Queensland?

For the people of northern Australia, dangerous jellyfish stings are all too common. But under changing ocean conditions, could more of these dangerous jellyfish be moving farther south along the Queensland…
Pretty but nasty. Are they really to blame? Stefan Siebert

What you need to know about jellyfish attacks on salmon farms

Tens of thousands of farmed salmon are dead after a swarm of mauve stinger jellyfish swept through an open-ocean salmon farm in Ireland. Tourists in France and Spain must contend with these summer visitors…
Born in space: I’d rather not come down to Earth. geniusdevil

Jellyfish born in space aren’t happy on Earth

Why send jellyfish to space? Well, because it’s awesome which is true of anything involving space. But mostly because of little crystals that they keep in their bodies, and what these crystals can tell…

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