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Adolescents should be informed about their rights to respectful care. Donwilson Odhiambot via Getty Images)

Kenya’s healthcare workers abuse a third of teen mums from informal settlements – study

Adolescent girls are more at risk during childbirth. Stigma and abuse by healthcare workers makes them less likely to seek medical care, putting their lives further in danger.
The 2016 El Niño drought in Malawi dried out maize fields, leaving only weeds. It caused a famine that left over 60 million people in Southern Africa dependent on food aid. Andrew Renneisen/Getty Images

El Niño: Malawi’s harvest of it’s staple food maize may fall by 22.5% this year

Food security experts recommend that rural farmers in Malawi be given access to irrigation systems to free them from reliance on rain, and find ways outside farming to earn an income.
Malawian farmer Jelimoti Sikelo had successful harvests after he added groundnut and cowpea to the crops he farmed. T. Samson/CIMMYT

60% of Africa’s food is based on wheat, rice and maize – the continent’s crop treasure trove is being neglected

Just three plant species – wheat, maize and rice – account for 60% of all food eaten globally. A crop science expert argues that many of Africa’s 30,000 edible plants must be revived.

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