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A halfpenny token issued by the Parys Mining Company of Anglesey in 1788. The hooded druid design was used for many years and was the first of hundreds of token designs. BrandonBigheart/Wikimedia

Welsh mining towns had alternative currencies 200 years ago – here’s what the crypto world could learn from them

A Welsh mining company was the first to issue tokens to workers as an alternative form of payment.
Bannau Brycheiniog yw'r unig enw ar gyfer yr ardal bellach. Mel Manser Photography/Shutterstock

Hanes cyfoethog Bannau Brycheiniog

O hyn ymlaen, dim ond yr enw Bannau Brycheiniog fydd yn cael ei ddefnyddio ar gyfer y parc cenedlaethol.

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