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You don’t need to be Glastonbury’s Michael Eavis to be happy about renweables. Ben Birchall/PA

Farmers could use land to create power as well as food

One of Britain’s largest independent cheese producers, Wyke Farms in Somerset, picked up a commendation in the BusinessGreen Leaders awards this month for its efforts to become completely energy self-sufficient…
There’s more wind in Scotland than in England, and not just in the pipes. Danny Lawson/PA

It’s advantage Scotland when it comes to wind power

A frequent claim heard is that the UK is Europe’s windiest country. This is a partial truth; Scotland is the windiest country, whereas England is far from the windiest. To see the truth of this one need…
The sheep think it’s OK, but what about the farmers? letscommunicate

New policies will reveal how we really feel about wind farms

The government claims its new package of measures for wind farm development will give communities greater say over on-shore developments. The trouble is, one set of measures is giving them more scope to…
Exposure to infrasound, at the level produced by wind turbines, is an ordinary occurrence. Flickr/Wavy1

How the power of suggestion generates wind farm symptoms

A surge in health complaints linked to wind farms could owe more to increased discussion of health risk than the low-level sound generated by the actual turbines, according to a new study. The study by…
Wind turbine syndrome seems to be caused by fear and anxiety spread by anti-wind farm groups. Image from

New study: wind turbine syndrome is spread by scaremongers

A study of mine published last night delivers a double whammy to those who argue that wind turbines cause health problems in communities. Earlier this week researchers at the University of Auckland published…
Serbian villagers fear vampires, but we have our own superstitions in the Anglosphere. Drurydrama (Len Radin)

Vampires and wind farms: mass hysteria can be a pain in the neck

If the latest spate of news stories coming out of Serbia are anything to go by, the tiny and otherwise unassuming village of Zarožje has something of a vampire problem. Local legend tells of Sava Savanovi…

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