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Research a better bet than an octopus oracle. Roland Weihrauch/EPA

How to minimise losses when gambling on the World Cup

Given my academic background it may come as little surprise that when I gamble, I expect to lose in the long run. But, that is not to say that I don’t have some golden rules that I apply in gambling situations…
Russian model Irina Shayk is sure to turn heads off the pitch … but will boyfriend and Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo be able to keep his mind on the game? EPA/Walter Bieri

To score, or not to score? Sex, WAGs and the World Cup

While watching their national teams play in the World Cup, spectators may have their attention drawn away from the “beautiful game” on the pitch to the beautiful people off the pitch – the footballers…
Winners are definitely grinners – but what makes teams such as Spain so successful? EPA/Kerim Okten

Victor predictors: the eight great traits of World Cup champions

It is hard to imagine a World Cup in which Germany, Brazil, Italy, Argentina, the Netherlands, England, France and Spain did not appear, or in which one of them did not win. What is it that makes some…
Whatever the outcome, Australian fans should rest assured that the young national team will perform to their utmost at the World Cup. AAP/Dan Himbrechts

In a tough group, expect Australia to give its all at this World Cup

The late, great “Captain Socceroo”, Johnny Warren, always used to challenge the people who ran football in Australia with this blunt demand: We should be aiming to win the World Cup, not just trying to…
The World Cup: an overshadowing presence in Brazil. Mast Irham

Brazilians await the World Cup kick-off with ambivalence

Brazilians are a proud people. Among the nations of the so-called Global South, we feel distinguished and blessed in many ways. Just consider, for instance, the natural beauty of this country’s continental…
Spain’s revitalisation of ‘beautiful football’ in recent years has been extremely successful. How have football tactics evolved over the years? EPA/Zurab Kurtsikidze

Tactics at the World Cup: a battle between aesthetics and results

The football World Cup may be yet to kick off, but there have already been innumerable discussions on the various playing styles that each country will adopt. Will they play a 4-4-2, a 4-2-3-1, or a straight…
Latin America won’t be a continent of injustice, corruption and poverty but the spiritual home of the beautiful game. Felipe Trueba/EPA

The World Cup illusion will soothe South America again … for a while

It’s June 25, 1978, and a six-year-old Irish boy is watching TV. What he sees that night will remain with him forever. Argentina won the football World Cup on home soil – the last time the event was held…
Australia first qualified for the World Cup in 1974, when a group of part-timers under captain Peter Wilson (far right) went to West Germany. Anton Cernak

Qualifying is never easy: Australia’s World Cup history

Australia will soon begin its fourth football World Cup finals campaign – the third successive tournament it has qualified for – with group stage matches against Chile, the Netherlands and Spain. While…
Australian travellers are increasingly returning home infected with mosquito-borne diseases. Flickr:hkroeger28

Don’t let dengue mozzies ruin your World Cup fever

Football fever may not be the only thing spreading when hundreds of thousands of sports fans converge on Brazil for the FIFA World Cup this June and July. Mass events such as the Olympic and Commonwealth…

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