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Food is prepared by a South African non-profit to feed over 87 000 people in underprivileged communities at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in Cape Town in 2020. Photo by Brenton Geach/Gallo Images via Getty Images

We recorded acts of kindness as COVID-19 unfolded in South Africa: What we learnt

Across the country, South Africans were stepping up to support one another in ways we have rarely seen.
Vaccinating domestic dogs is a successful and cost-effective way to prevent rabies in dogs. Sarah Cleaveland

Vaccinating domestic dogs reduces rabies in the wild. Why this matters

Domestic dogs have been shown to be the only species necessary to maintain rabies across most of Africa. This means that dog vaccination should control the disease in all species.
Aerial view of the UK’s national synchrotron, Diamond Light Source Ltd (Diamond) on the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus in Oxfordshire, ©Diamond Light Source

Want to develop vaccines in Africa? Then invest in expertise and infrastructure

Making vaccines in South Africa by building on the foundation that’s been laid is possible. But only if substantial and sustained investment in human resources and infrastructure becomes a reality.
A protest against racial injustice and police violence in Spain. Josep LAGO / AFP) (Photo by JOSEP LAGO/AFP

White privilege: what it is, what it means and why understanding it matters

A transnational movement for racial justice requires a sensitivity to the specific, local conditions in which race and racism touch the everyday lives of people.
Xu Chang/Xinhua via GettyImages

How big companies are targeting middle income countries to boost ultra-processed food sales

Big Food companies producing ulta-processed foods are using a range of key market and political practices to increase their reach, particularly in developing countries.

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