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Alpha Males and the Lump of Coal.

That Lump of Coal

“Don’t be afraid, don’t be scared, it won’t hurt you. It’s coal.” With these words Australia’s Treasurer Scott Morrison taunted the Opposition, attempting to ridicule its commitment to renewable energy…
Office for Emergency Management. War Production Board, c. 1942-3. National Archives and Records Administration (US)

Is it OK to punch Nazis?

On Trump's inauguration day, alt-right activist Richard Spencer was punched in the street, on camera. The internet's reaction to this event raises important moral questions around violence and power.
Anti Trump protest NYC.

What next for the anti-Trump protesters?

There are two possible outcomes from the huge anti-Trump marches the day after the new president’s inauguration. Perhaps, having made their protest, the marchers will go home and spend the next four or…
Peisistratus the tryant enters Athens with a woman dressed as Athena (wisdom) to fool the mob.

Will Trump be a tyrant, and how will we tell? Some classical pointers

No one said he’d win the Presidency. He has. Many fear that Trump will be a tyrant. Will he be? Writers from Thucydides to Montesquieu have dissected tyranny. Their words assume new pertinence given these fears, and may cast analytic light on coming events.
Noel Pearson.

Noel Pearson and White Masochism

For years Noel Pearson has been using people like me as a punching bag, and I’m sick of it. Having cajoled and bullied one government after another into pouring millions into his pet schemes, thereby depriving…
Jesus for Trump.

Trumpism as Whitelash

Can we get real about the meaning of Donald Trump’s victory? The day before the presidential election everyone believed Hillary Clinton would win. The polls consistently showed she was some 3 or more percentage…