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What is the half life of a Paralympic legacy?

According to the world of Wikipedia a half life is ‘the time required for a quantity to fall to half its value as measured at the beginning of the time period’. I watched the Paralympic closing ceremony…

Inspired, Dazzled, Moved - part 11

The running title for my blog posts during the Paralympic Games was prompted by a line from Seb Coe’s opening speech at the Games. Over 11 days of competition I have been inspired, dazzled and moved. As…

Inspired, Dazzled, Moved - part 10

Day 10 was the penultimate day of competition at the Paralympic Games. There were 56 medal events in nine sports. At the end of the day 497 out of the 503 medals events at the Games had been completed…
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Inspired, Dazzled, Moved - part 9

On Day 9 of the Games there were 12 sports on the program with 51 medal events in 9 sports. One of the medal events was the final of the Women’s Wheelchair Tennis Singles. Esther Vergeer won the event…
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Where will it end: enhancement-lympics?

The Paralympics seems to define itself as representing the below species-typical, impaired people and the Olympics are the species-typical although on the upper end of the bell curve (see my blog To define…

Inspired, Dazzled, Moved - part 8

There were 48 medal events in 7 sports on Day 8 of the program in London. There were 14 sports in total. One of the early highlights of the day for me was the success of the Australian Women’s Wheelchair…

Back on the Track

Shortly after I posted my wrap for Day 7 of the Games, Greg Blood shared with me his highlight of the day: Alessandro (Alex) Zanardi’s gold medal in the Men’s Individual H4 Road Cycling Time Trial. The…

Inspired, Dazzled, Moved - part 7

Day 7 of the Games saw the arrival of wheelchair rugby into the program. There were 16 sports in the day’s program with 65 medals available in 8 sports. Cyclists moved from the velodrome to the Brands…