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Is enough being done to analyse industry’s effects on the environment? howardignatius

What is Gladstone’s LNG development really doing to the environment?

The Queensland port city of Gladstone has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately. Fish and other marine life have been infected by a strange parasite that seemed to make the leap to humans…
Fishing has been banned in Gladstone while authorities try to determine what’s killing marine species. robstephaustralia

Is dredging killing the Gladstone fish and making us sick?

Several individuals have required medical attention after a mystery disease appeared to spread to humans from fish in waters near Gladstone, Queensland. Fishing bans are currently in place and local residents…
Coal seam gas mining can create 5 million litres of “produced” water per well. Jeremy Buckingham MLC

National Water Commission calls for a closer look at fracking

Last week, the Federal Government’s National Water Commission (NWC) delivered its third biannual assessment of the national water initiative (NWI). And for the first time, the NWC is looking seriously…
Farmers are worried about their land and water, but governments want their gas. AAP

Food or fuel: how will governments solve the coal seam gas dilemma?

Food security and energy security are paramount to the survival and growth of Australia. Food security so that we may feed ourselves (and a hungry world), and energy security for transport, heating, lighting…
The movie Gasland galvanised the public on the dangers of fracking. Gasland

NSW’s coal seam gas ban - where the frack to next?

Fracking. It’s a hotbed of controversy that spans our increasingly energy-hungry globe. The French have turned their back on it. Permanently. And now the NSW government has temporarily frozen the use of…
Is all the fuss over coal seam gas warranted? Lock the Gate/Flickr

What the frack is going on with coal seam gas?

In collaboration with The Drum, The Conversation is giving statements made by public figures the fine-tooth-comb treatment they deserve. Today, a new energy source, and its dangers: “Coal seam gas is a…
There’s more to natural gas than Gasland. lilicomanche/flickr

There’s more to coal seam gas than Gasland

Senator Christine Milne has declared coal seam gas to be “a disaster for Australia,” and there’s much concern in the community about its effect on the environment. Some of this concern stems from horror…
Coal seam gas drilling exposes us to chemicals we know nothing about. AAP

Coal seam gas could be a fracking disaster for our health

Coal seam gas is indeed a potential disaster if present attitudes and lack of regulatory control prevail. An important part of public health is to enact precautions based on potential impacts. The CSG…
Poor regulation overseas has set the stage for disaster. AAP

Better coal seam gas regulation needed to keep Australia safe

The last week has seen the Australian coal seam gas (CSG) industry come under increasing scrutiny. Triggered by a gas explosion in the Darling Downs in Queensland, and legal action against BHP in the US…
Much coal seam gas water sits there going to waste. SkyTruth/flickr

Making the most of coal seam gas can help slake our water thirst

The Coal Seam Gas (CSG) industry constitutes an interesting opportunity for Australia. We could get a lot of positive things out of CSG. But it does produce a lot of “waste water”: if things go badly there…
Coal seam gas drilling threatens our most arable land. «Jonny Boy»/flickr

Coal seam gas a risk to food security

Coal seam gas has been touted by some as the answer to our addiction to dirty coal. It’s marketed as a “transition fuel” that will ween us off fossil fuels as we move to renewable energy. But the process…

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