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Christoph Soeder/dpa

Flu vaccines are no longer free for all under-12s in NZ – children living in poverty and at higher risk will bear the brunt

Influenza accounts for more than half of all potentially vaccine-preventable hospitalisations of children under 14. But those living in poverty are three times more likely to require hospital care.
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Denser housing can be greener too – here’s how NZ can build better for biodiversity

The majority of 25 surveyed developments around New Zealand lacked healthy, ecologically meaningful vegetation. Applying biodiversity targets for medium-density housing could turn this around.
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Cancer is increasingly survivable – but it shouldn’t depend on your ability to ‘wrangle’ the health system

New research highlights common threads in cancer survivors’ stories, including the effort it takes to navigate the health system, even for a diagnosis, and the struggle to fund unsubsidised treatments.

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