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The role pollution aerosols play in climate change is incredibly complicated. CzechR/Flickr

Masking and unmasking of global warming by aerosols

Climate scientists have established a convincing case for the link between increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases and observed warming of the Earth since the 19th century. The Fifth Assessment Report…
How much influence do aerosols such as this smog have on climate? Flickr/freddie boy

Climate change and aerosols: new research

New research published today in Nature gives us a better idea of how much aerosols produced by people are influencing climate change. Aerosols — tiny particles produced naturally and by burning fossil…
Touch of salt needed, I think. Heng Sinith/AP

Improving cookstoves will help save lives - and the planet

Around three billion people in the world, largely in developing countries, rely on fuels like wood and charcoal for cooking and heating in the home. But burning these biomass fuels, not least in confined…
Air pollution has been found to have affected coral growth in the Caribbean over many decades. Lester Kwiatkowski, University of Exeter

Air pollution casts a cloud over coral reef growth

Tiny particles of air pollution can stunt the growth of coral reefs, according to a [new study in Nature Geoscience](]( Using coral…

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