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One clever clogs from the animal kingdom. Jpmckenna/Flickr

Are crows really that clever?

Scientists pour over the existing literature on corvids’ smarts to debunk some myths, and uphold others.
You can help wildlife in your garden thrive if you just stop doing several simple things. New Africa/Shutterstock

A slacker’s guide to climate-friendly gardening

Your less manicured garden has the potential to combat tackle climate change and help wildlife survive.
Avian influenza (‘bird flu’) is a highly transmissible and usually mild disease that affects wild birds such as geese, swans, seagulls, shorebirds, and also domestic birds such as chickens and turkeys. (CDC and NIAID)

Bird flu FAQ: What is avian influenza? How is it transmitted to humans? What are the symptoms? Are there effective treatments and vaccines? Will H5N1 become the next viral pandemic?

Avian influenza — commonly known as ‘bird flu’ — is infecting domestic and wild birds in Canada and around the world.

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