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Big accountancy firms have a human rights problem

Protest and dissent are the foundation stones of modern societies and have helped secure a measure of democracy and human rights. Against all the odds, ordinary people have struggled to secure universal…
All a blur. The Alibaba IPO sets a new benchmark. Qilai Shen/EPA

Alibaba’s IPO signals a fresh appetite for Chinese technology

The planned stock market listing of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba in New York is a landmark deal for several reasons. The listing is anticipated to become the largest in the US since Facebook’s issue…
After China, which way will Hong Kong turn? Vincent Yu

Stockpiling seized ivory lends it undeserved legitimacy

Hong Kong’s Endangered Species Advisory Committee meets today to decide whether to follow China’s lead and destroy its own (33-tonne) stockpile of contraband ivory. This is welcome news, but the destruction…
Dragon rising: detail from Nine Dragons by Chen Rong. Song Dynasty

Booker Prize reform heralds a cultural revolution for 2014

Clustering around this week’s Man Booker Prize was a bustling array of captions: “the longest book”; “the youngest winner”; “the second New Zealander”; “the last Commonwealth Booker” and, over and again…
Looking to Asian schools is exactly what we shouldn’t be doing. Chalkboard image

Our Asian schooling infatuation: the problem of PISA envy

It was fun while it lasted Finland, but we’re going cold on you. We thought your schools had the secret but our new infatuation is with Asian school systems. The Prime Minister seems to agree. The government…

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