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Bath Spa University’s Vision is to be a leading educational institution in creativity, culture and enterprise. Through innovative teaching and research, the University will provide a high quality student experience. Based in a world heritage city and connected to a network of international partners, Bath Spa University will ensure that its graduates are socially engaged global citizens.


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Cue: tumbleweed. Iwan Gabovitch/flickr

What makes a film flop?

Many films exist on a knife-edge ... failure is only a screening away.
Graduation at Fudan University in Shanghai. Education is an important instrument in building China’s global status. Reuters/Aly Song

How China’s education strategy fits into its quest for global influence

In China, education is more than a means to deliver high skilled labour. The country has constructed its education policy to demonstrate its ambition to become a global power.
« Everest », un film du réalisateur Baltasar Kormákur (2015). Universal

« Everest », le film qui a déplacé les montagnes ?

Le gouvernement népalais prévoit de limiter l’accès au toit du monde aux seuls grimpeurs confirmés, peut-être un effet du dernier blockbuster hollywoodien.


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