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Brighton and Sussex Medical School

Brighton and Sussex Medical School is an equal partnership between the Universities of Sussex and Brighton together with NHS organisations throughout the South East region. The arrangements for the School’s governance reflect this approach and students are awarded joint BM BS degrees of both Universities.

The School is fully committed to the principles of Tomorrow’s Doctors; we endorse the value of medical education in a multi-professional context, and promote the highest possible standards in our teaching, clinical practice, and research (both fundamental and applied).


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For many GPs, having fewer opportunities to engage directly with patients has led to a loss of professional satisfaction. A.B. Putra/Shutterstock

GP crisis: how did things go so wrong, and what needs to change?

The new NHS workforce plan for England promises a 50% increase in GP training places by 2031. But the challenges GPs are wrestling with go much deeper.
Vaksin COVID seharusnya tersedia untuk semua orang tanpa memandang jenis kelamin, seksualitas, dan kelas. ANTARA FOTO/Agha Yuninda/wsj/aww

Riset: LGBTIQ+ Indonesia menghadapi kesulitan mengakses layanan kesehatan selama pandemi COVID-19

Pandemi COVID-19 secara tidak proporsional berdampak pada individu LGBT+, khususnya mereka yang hidup dengan HIV, pekerja seks, individu transgender, dan mereka yang hidup di bawah garis kemiskinan.
Efforts to stop gender-based violence must include men and women. Jenny Berg/Frontline AIDS

What works to stop gender-based violence and what doesn’t

There are a number of effective interventions to prevent gender-based violence among adult women and men at risk of HIV infection. But little is known about the effectiveness of these in young people.
You want some? Joe Giddens/PA Wire

Cameron v Miliband: what the body language tells us

Is it possible for the voting public to learn something about their leaders just from watching the body language they display when they speak in public? Given the number of obviously rehearsed gestures…
Blue with the flu? max_thinks_sees

Inflammation depression link is not to be sneezed at

Have you ever had the flu, and along with the physical symptoms a temporary feeling of being low and fed up? Though most of us would shrug these feelings off as a result of not being able to go out with…


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