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Cambridge Judge Business School

Cambridge Judge Business School leverages the power of academia for real world impact to transform individuals, organisations and society.

Since 1990, Cambridge Judge has forged a reputation as a centre of rigorous thinking and high-impact transformative education, situated within one of the world’s most prestigious research universities, and in the heart of the Cambridge Cluster, the most successful technology entrepreneurship cluster in Europe. The School works with every student and partner or client organisation at a deep level, identifying important problems and questions, challenging and coaching people to find answers, and creating new knowledge. Cambridge Judge pursues innovation through inter-disciplinary insight, entrepreneurial spirit and collaboration. Cutting edge research is rooted in real-world challenges and students and clients are encouraged to ask excellent questions to create real-world change. Undergraduate, graduate and executive programmes attract innovators, creative thinkers, thoughtful and collaborative problem-solvers, and current and future leaders, drawn from a huge diversity of backgrounds and countries.


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À Manchester, le 24 avril 2021, des supporters de Manchester United manifestent devant le stade d'Old Trafford contre la famille Glazer, propriétaire du club. Au fond, la statue de la Trinité, qui représente trois stars du club des années 1960 : George Best, Denis Law et Bobby Charlton. John B Hewitt/Shutterstock

Les supporters de clubs de football face à la marchandisation de leur sport

Les supporters éprouvent à l’égard de « leur » club des sentiments forts qui sont mis à mal par les pratiques toujours plus commerciales en cours.
Social inequality in healthcare access is set to be exacerbated both by the rise of new technologies, which not everyone will be able to enjoy, and climate change. Shutterstock France

The future of medicine: 50-year forecast offers hope for HIV and cancer patients and predicts climate change to increasingly set agenda

Climate change, inequality, the evolution of knowledge… Experts have been surveyed, and a consensus is emerging on what to expect from the effects of these factors in the medical field.
Les progrès que permettront les nouvelles technologies auront peut-être aussi pour corollaire un accroissement des inégalités d'accès au soin, elles-mêmes dopées par le dérèglement climatique.

Médecine : comment serons-nous soignés dans 50 ans ?

Changement climatique, inégalités, évolution des connaissances… Des experts ont été sondés et un consensus se dégage quant à ce qu’il faut attendre des effets de ces éléments dans le domaine médical.


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