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Cranfield University

We are creating leaders in technology and management, unlocking the potential of people and organisations by partnering with business and governments to deliver transformational research, postgraduate education and professional development.

Creating leaders in technology and management Cranfield’s distinctive expertise is in our deep understanding of technology and management and how these work together to benefit the world.

Our education portfolio is renowned for its relevance to business and industry. We are the largest UK provider of master’s-level graduates in engineering and offer a flagship MBA, extensive world-class customised executive education and professional development programmes. Our work informs government policy and leads the way in producing cutting edge new technologies and products in partnership with industry.

The research and consultancy we carry out for industry, government and business provides our students with a real-world learning environment, allowing them to develop as professionals and then transfer their knowledge to the global economy. This has always been the ‘Cranfield way’ but it has never been more important than in today’s world.


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Detained: Vjekoslav Prebeg (Croatia), Dylan Healy and John Harding (UK), Mathias Gustafsson (Sweden) and Andrew Hill from Britain, during a court hearing in Donetsk, August 2022. Alexander Ermochenko/Reuters/Alamy stock photo

Ukraine war: prisoner swaps have been going on for centuries – here’s how they work

Five British nationals were part of a prisoner swap with Russia recently. Here’s what international law tells us about the detention and treatment of people taken in time of conflict.


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