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Durham University is a world top 100 university with a global reputation and performance in research and education.

Durham is a member of the Russell Group of leading research-intensive UK universities and the most recent UK league tables place Durham in the top echelon of British universities academically (QS and THE World University Rankings 2016/17).

Research at Durham shapes local, national and international agendas, and directly informs the teaching of our students

The University is ranked fourth in The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2017 and ranked 39th globally for the employability of its students by blue-chip companies world-wide (QS World University Rankings 2016/17).


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‘Yes we scan!’ NSA monitoring will be a Christmas headache for Barack Obama. Mike Herbst

White House stalls as report condemns NSA surveillance

Even before opening his stocking on Christmas morning, Barack Obama has his holiday reading cut out for him. His Review Group on Intelligence and Surveillance Technologies has handed him a 300-page report…
Double-duckface-synchronised-selfie. Very fresh, very now. Chris Gansen

Note to selfie: you’re more than just a narcissist’s plaything

We truly live in a digital age. The “selfie”, has been announced by the Oxford English Dictionary as this year’s most popular word and, by me, as this year’s most unremarkable word. This new-found trend…
Robin Thicke performs his controversial hit Blurred Lines. Ian West PA Wire Press Association Images

Let’s hit the target when we take aim at sexist music videos

A campaign has been launched to denounce sexism and racism in music videos. Rewind & Reframe is the brainchild of End Violence Aganist Women, Imkaan and Object, and comes against a backdrop of growing…
Let me be clear. Because you’ll not be able to Google this later. Department for Culture Media and Sport

Tories forget how the internet works, deletegate reminds them

The 1996 election campaign that brought Bill Clinton to the White House fundamentally changed the way campaigns are run in more ways than one. Clinton’s success owed much to the genius of James Carville…
Granny, why are your eyes so big? Gustave Dore

As they spread, folktales evolve like biological species

We all know the story: Once upon a time there was a young girl who took a walk through the woods to visit her grandmother, carrying a basket of goodies. When she arrived she found her granny ill in bed…
High-profile leaders take a lot of flak. Martin Rickett/PA

From business to football, boss bashing is easy but misplaced

Ever thought about how it felt to read about “your” performance in the papers? For high-level leaders such as football managers, but increasingly also CEOs of high-profile businesses this is part of their…
Al-Madinah school in Derby: making news for all the wrong reasons. Rui Vieira/PA Wire

Growth of academies and free schools reinforces student segregation

Each new administration tends to try to improve compulsory education by introducing a new and purportedly better type of school. The current government has at least three, and is pushing vocational schools…
Is it him? Or her? We don’t really know. Garry Knight

Bad data underpins flawed health tourism report

A new report into so-called “health tourism” makes for a shocking read. Not because the costs of migrants deemed to have travelled to Britain primarily to enjoy free NHS services on British taxpayers has…
They’re tempting and easy but payday loans are certainly not cheap. Scurzuzu

Payday lenders are out of time in their fight against credit cap

Pressure is mounting on high cost credit companies to face tighter controls when they hand out short-term loans. Debt advice agencies, consumer organisations, anti-poverty campaigners and a cross-party…
The number of inmates in Victorian prisons is on the rise as part of the government’s tough on crime stance. But at what cost? shutterstock

Tough on crime: Victoria is not learning lessons from abroad

Locking up people is easy. It is the first refuge of intellectually bankrupt politicians clamouring for votes by “getting tough” on crime. A good general will read history before going to war, so a good…
Spurs fans: language reclaimers? Peter Byrne/PA

Tackle antisemitism, not the ‘Yid Army’ chants

Is it always wrong to use racial epithets, regardless of the context? It’s an old debate, recently revived and applied to football fans. The Football Association (FA), anti-racism campaigners and Jewish…
HMP Birmingham: assaults reportedly rose 46% David Jones/PA

When it comes to prisons, big is not necessarily beautiful

As expected, the justice secretary, Chris Grayling, has announced the closure of four prisons: Northallerton, Dorchester, Reading and Blundeston. He has also confirmed that the “Titan” prison in Wrexham…
Syria’s ancient fortifications are sadly in use once again, and have been heavily damaged. Emma Cunliffe

In Syria’s ruined relics lies the history of human civilisation

What makes us human? Whatever it is, it can be found in Syria. When the earliest hominids first came from Africa they passed through Syria, and their remains, together with the tools they made, can still…
Show me the green: Tetraselmis suecica algae viewed under a confocal microscope. Emily Roberts/Swansea University

The next ‘black gold’ could be green

Leave a glass with nutrient-rich pond water on a sunny window sill and within a day or two it will have turned a very vibrant, verdant green. This apparent alchemy has less to do with chemistry and more…

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